Home Moving

Moving your eLife connection

Moving has always been a hectic job, but we can relieve you from one of the hardest tasks when changing your home!
Get in touch with us and let us know when you want to install your eLife connection in your new home.

How to apply

To apply for moving your eLife connection, please prepare the following:

  • New home address
  • Any landline number in the new area (of any shop/restaurant in the same building or nearby)
  • Date of moving

After applying

After your application, we will follow these steps:

  • We will first close your existing eLife at your previous home.
  • Our staff will call you for an appointment for the installation.
  • Our technician will visit your new home to install the eLife connection.
*Important to know: Please take your wireless router (Wi-Fi) and TV decoder (set-top box) and their cables to your new location. Our technician will require this equipment to install your eLife connection.